The Green Deal offers loans to pay for energy insulation measures such as cavity wall and loft insulation, and renewable energy products including solar panels. The repayments for the loan, including interest, will be added to a household’s electricity bills.











Step 1 : 


    A detailed Green Deal Assessment using an EPC will be made of the property. Advice will be given by a Qualified Green Deal Advisor. A Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) will be given to the homeowner and a Green Deal Plan will be compiled.

Step 2 

Once the Green Deal Plan is in place you can instruct a Green Deal Provider to give you access to your Green Deal Finance. The Green Deal Provider will pay your Green Deal Finance directly to your chosen Green Deal Installer, They will  have to install your energy efficiency recommendations in accordance with a strict Green Deal Code.

Step 3

 Once your Green Deal Provider has your Green Deal Finance in place a Green Deal Installer to commence Green Deal improvements on your property. The Green Deal Provider will pay the Green Deal Installer and/or Advisor directly.


What is Green Deal?

On October 2012 the UK Government introduced legislation  to make it possible for millions of homes and businesses to have energy efficiency improvements, such as cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, loft insulation, flat roof insulation, condensing boilers, draught proofing, floor insulation, solar thermal panels, photovoltaic PV panels, under-floor heating, ground and air source heat pumps or biomass boilers installed through the national Green Deal Scheme.

Why do we need the Green Deal?

•Britain has some of the oldest housing stock in Europe

•We have a high price for inefficient housing and so does the planet

•A quarter of the energy use and hence carbon emissions comes from heating our housing and a similar amount from commercial building e
.g some 2.3 million homes require solid wall insulation by 2022 to meet our carbon target

Costs and Benefits

•The Green Deal will provide finance that will be repayable from energy (electricity bills)

•The finance will be attached to the property and no an individual so there will not be any credit checks

•Landlords will get the most benefit as they will improved assets paid for by tenants through the utility bills


The Principal of Green Deal

The Principal of the Green Deal states that the expected financial savings must be equal to or greater than the costs attached to the energy bill.